Financial Assistance

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (Crep) – Federal-State conservation partnership program to improve the water quality of streams providing habitat for salmon species listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act. Call your local District for more information.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) – Establishes long term vegetative buffers to protect the nations ability to produce food and fiber, reduce sedimentation in streams and lakes, improve water quality, and establish  wildlife habitat.

2014 Farm Bill Conservation Programs- USDA – Local contact: Lisa Schuchman 360.425.1880

Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP) – This is a cost share program that helps small forest landowners correct fish passage barriers on their forestland. The program provides 75-100 percent of the cost of correcting a barrier and also provides technical assistance.

Category 3 Funds – Project driven funding: Specific projects are entered into Washington State Conservation Commission pool to be funded when monies become available.

Salmon Recovery – Salmon Recovery Funding Board: manages funding from federal and state sources directed at salmon recovery projects. In SW Washington project proposals are submitted through the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board to determine the benefits of a project with respect to the Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery and Fish and Wildlife Plan approved by the State in 1994. The Conservation District works with landowners to assess opportunities to utilize these funds to help implement conservation practices on the farm.   Examples are provided in the project tab. The application period starts in March annually. Project planning for a proposal should be initiated in the fall/winter before the application window opens. Contact the District to discuss opportunities.