Public Records Request

Public Information Request Policy

The Conservation District and NRCS shall work cooperatively to determine if the request for information regards local or federal information. The requester will be directed to complete appropriate paperwork (federal, state or both) to request the information.

District staff will assist the requester with the completion of the district’s “Request for Public Record” form. This will help ensure that the request is fully understood by both parties.

If the information requested directly involves a cooperator(s) of the district, upon receipt of the request the district will contact said cooperator(s) and inform them as to the request. The district will document cooperator(s) position on request. (Landowners have rights and have the ability to block release of their documents through the court system)

District staff will research current RCW’s to make sure that the request does not include protected documents or documents exempted by RCW.

District staff will inform requester of the status of their request within five (5) business days.

District staff will remove or obscure protected information from documents prior to release.

Request for Public Record Forms: 



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